Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Easterlings March Forth - LOTR

I had the hard decision last night of playing Firestorm Armada or Lord Of the Rings. I do not regret choosing Lord of the Rings at all. I played as the Easterlings last night with some amazing models and scenery that some avid LOTR players brought down for a demo game. 4 games where being played featuring many races and the veil side took a clear sweeping victory on all the games!

Some nice pictures of my game and a few of the games beside me. 

Across the battles I saw cunning tactics, brutal Melee fights being thrown back and forth, heroes inspire troops to gain the advantage and crazy lucky dice. 

My favorite bit of the battle I had was when my Cavalry charged his huge block of infantry and managed to create a gap in the formation after a few turns of fighting. The surviving members used this opportunity to rush right through the gap and start slaying his pesky archers. The infantry caught up at this stage and stopped his infantry from saving his archers giving me a temporary advantage on the field. 

I am very surprised this game isnt popular. It (in my opinion) is vastly superior to GW other games. The rules as I saw it where very forgiving. This meant that if you rolled for the advantage to start the turn, you could completely change the last turn of events by making the enemy player react to you. The rules where fairly easy to pick up, allowing us to start doing the basics on our own from turn 2 onward with some help on certain things. 

The demo games resulted in a few of us planning to buy armies. Although we are finishing Firestorm Armada and Planetfall first. I have yet to decide between the Easterlings or the sickly looking Goblins as my force. 

Im pretty excited about continuing on with Lord of the Rings. In the last few weeks I have picked up Bolt Action, Firestorm Armada, Planetfall and now Lord of the Rings. My bank account isnt pleased, but I surely am!

So thanks Scott, Andrew and Pete for the awesome set up and I hope you guys will have more opponents to fight here at the club soon. Oh... also thanks to Games Workshop Wellington for giving us some Rohan(I think?) infantry and 1 High Elf Spearman haha. I know a few people are using those to make a warband. You can check out some of Scotts terrain and hobby projects (you really should!) here, and that link has his info on the event too. 

So if you have yet to play this game, seriously consider giving it a go. Its well worth it.

Also, another fellow blog has some awesome Guardsmen coming along and I felt the need to share it. 

Check out Spunkybass Place post to see more of these awesome guys! 


  1. Gondorian Soldiers was gifted, not Rohan. Im not too good on the LOTR background yet...

  2. Jayden, great pics! Thanks so much for taking part and showing an interest, and getting some of your mates down at the club to give it a go as well - really much appreciated!
    Dont worry about the background fluff - hire the movie from the DVD library and settle down to a weekends viewing with a few mates and beers and you'll be as much up on the lore of MiddleEarth as most people!

    Hey - whats your mates name with the hat? I couldnt recall. Let me know and I'll edit the blog post.

    See you at the club soon.

    Cheers and thanks again.

    1. Ethan is his name. Im surprised he is willing to pick up the game too. Its not normally his type of game.

      Yea I might have to do that tonight. Ill use it as inspiration for my force. I heard the movie are pretty long though!

      As said above it was a great game and I look forward to more!


    2. Thanks for that :)
      The movie is pretty epic, no doubt. if you can, get the Ext Ed versions - just about 3hrs viewing each! Enjoy your weekends viewing!

      If you watch all those and aren't enthused afterwards, then there's no hope for you! ;-)

    3. You'll know how enthused I am by how many models I manage to buy and paint afterwards I think haha.

  3. Nice-looking games! That's one game that I haven't tried yet. I think there are some players out there in my area. I know I've seen someone's painted models in one of the stores. And yes, watch those movies! The movie based on the book that is the genesis of fantasy creatures and races as we know them today.

    And thanks for the plug! :)

    1. Its well worth trying dude. It was a lot of fun! I plan on starting them tonight. I heard a lot about both the movies and books but never got round to watching them!

      No problem dude. they look great so felt like I should share the models.

  4. This brings back some good old memories. Those Dol-Amroth soldiers are beautifully painted.

    1. Yea it felt bad killing them because each time one died the board was less attractive haha